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Here's Dan Croll's First Song from His New LP "One of Us"

The Liverpudlian singer spent the summer recording his follow up in Atlanta and this super-sweet song is his first release in a year.
October 14, 2015, 2:22pm

What's up Dan Croll! Good to have you back. The English singer's spent the summer recording his second album in Atlanta and we've got the first tune lifted from it (it's not out till next year). "One of Us" has a very surf rock Weezer-meets-Fountains of Wayne in vibe, which means we're very down.

(And if you need a reminder why the Liverpudlian piqued our ears in the first place please indulge, again, in "From Nowhere" and read all about his first times here.)


But back to "One of Us" and stage II of Croll's career.

"So excited for 'One Of Us' to finally hit people's ears, its been over a year since I released a track and I’ve been itching for people to hear what’s been going on during that time," explains the singer. "I’ve challenged and pushed myself further than I have ever done before, and ‘One Of Us’ marks the start of what’s to come. There were all kinds of influences the song—some of the more psych-pop noises and flourishes came from inspirations like Tame Impala and the BBC Radiophonic Workshop’s John Baker. The energy came from listening to a lot of bands like Foals or Unknown Mortal Orchestra, but the real balls of the song came from bands like Queen and Black Sabbath.

"‘One of Us’ is about peer-pressure and not wanting to give in, and, like my first album, this one will jump from genre to genre, from influence to influence, but I’m incredibly proud of that. In a world where there is a chart full of carbon copy solo-artists, this is me (and the track) not wanting to cave in.”

Sabbath! Foals! Tame! Great reference points. And totally different to the ones we picked up on. (Actually listening again, the Queen vibe is evident.) Nevertheless, Croll has a way with indie-pop that's unforced and damn catchy. Listen below.