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Celebrate the (Sort of) Return of The Unlovables with This Split with Dirt Bike Annie

Just in time for Fest, a bunch of catchy new songs from two of Mikey Erg's many, many, many bands.

Ah, yes. Fest time is upon us. The annual opportunity to catch pop punk’s workhorse Mikey Erg play as many times as humanly possible in the span of a few days. This year, you can catch him across 11 sets with eight different bands. EIGHT!! Legend has it that if you drink the right combination of PBR and Red Bull, he will play a set in your dreams. Eleven sets is a Fest feat so impressive he even had to revive some inactive projects to pull it off, including The Unlovables, his much beloved, semi-hiatused pop punk band with Hallie Bulliet, Frank Leone, and Fid of the Measure [sa].


To go along with The Unlovables’ auspiciously triumphant quasi-return are a few new songs they've recorded for a split LP with Dirt Bike Annie, which, surprise, Mikey is also in! The whole thing is predictably fun and catchy, particularly The Unlovables' "1996," which drops this piece of nostalgia: "Summers seemed longer, loving came easier, no one knew The Strokes and everyone loved Weezer." Yes, please god get us out of this post-Strokes indie rock hellscape and take us back to that time.

You can listen to the LP below. You’d better do it fast, though. You only have two weeks to memorize them so you can shout along while you embrace your Fest pals and maybe cry a little. And buy Mikey a beer, would ya? He's earned it.

Buy a copy from Woah Oh Records and on iTunes.