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Dang, 2003 Was a Long Time Ago, and Chuck Inglish's "2003" Video Captures All of Its Magic

Chuck Inglish just released the best ode to burning CDs and listening to Murphy Lee you'll hear in 2003, 2015, or any year, plus he announced his album release date.
June 17, 2015, 5:53pm

Screengrab via YouTube

Back in the days of 2007, Chuck Inglish made a career, as part of the duo The Cool Kids, of reminding us what it was like back in the days of 1988, via songs like "88" and "Gold and a Pager." Chuck has been on some more futuristic vibes in the years since, producing for the likes of Chance the Rapper, Rick Ross, Kid Cudi, and plenty of others, in addition to releasing last year's solo project, Convertibles, on Dave Sitek's label Federal Prism.


But Chuck still has a soft spot for the past, and who can blame him? Back in the days of 2003, the year discussed in his new single, appropriately titled "2003," life was sweet. Why? Let Chuck's lyrics and the accompanying video, which is premiering today on Noisey, detail the reasons, from the G-Unit craze to PS2 games (particularly Def Jam Vendetta) to burning CDs to two-way pagers to Murphy Lee's "What Da Hook Gon' Be." Remember J-Kwon's "Tipsy"? Of course you do. It ruled. Remember when everyone wore Air Force 1s? How could you not? Chuck and his accompanying video co-stars are decked out in full 2003 style (shouts out to Grey Sweatpants bringing back TRL with total clarity with the under-eye band-aid).

Grey Sweatpants, the other rapper on the track, is Chuck's younger cousin. As Chuck explained in a recent interview with Hot New Hip-Hop, Grey Sweatpants' verse was initially recorded as a favor, but due to its accuracy about 2003—which includes lines about attacks on Michael Jackson in the media, reading Harry Potter, and a great Get Rich or Die Trying namedrop to wrap it all up—it got included in the final version. Thank god. Just more reasons to remember why 2003 was sweet.

As sweet as 2003 was, though, 2015 is looking pretty good, too. The song "2003" is off Chuck's upcoming album Everybody's Big Brother, which is due out August 7. Check out the video below, and keep an eye on both the past and the future.

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