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Radiohead Release 'The Numbers,' the Ninth and Final Vignette for ‘A Moon Shaped Pool’

It rounds out a two-month run of short films to accompany their ninth studio album.

Photo via Radiohead on Instagram

Radiohead’s creativity is binary. When the switch is off and the band are away, you’ll barely hear a peep from their members about the possibility of new music. But when they’re in the midst of the cycle—in the weeks and months after an album’s release—they’re irrepressible. They’ll mess around with acceptable methods of distribution, toy with their setlists, and release strange, brilliant iPhone apps.

Since the short-notice release of A Moon Shaped Pool back in May, the band have been releasing short vignettes to accompany the record, all of which can be accessed via the band's Instagram page. The immersive clips have come courtesy of directors like Yorgos Lanthimos (The Lobster), Richard Ayoade (Submarine), and Ben Wheatley (High-Rise) and, in small ways, they’ve all added odd new dimensions to the tracks they draw from. Yesterday the band released the ninth and final vignette in the series, The Numbers, directed by Grant Gee. It’s the eeriest, darkest one of the lot, focussing on the steelworks of Port Talbot, Wales. Check it out below.

And the last in the current series of vignettes is The Numbers, directed by Grant Gee and filmed in Port Talbot.

A video posted by Radiohead (@radiohead) on Jul 8, 2016 at 7:00am PDT

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