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"Painting The Town Dark Brown" with Red Fang: Tour Diary Part III

Beers and hijinx with Red Fang, Big Business, and American Sharks
June 3, 2014, 3:51pm

Dear Diary,
I guess the last time we talked (first entry is here, if you missed it) we were in Atlanta, partying with our good friends Bubbers, Blaire, and their amazing pups, Addy, and Carl. Well, Bubbers hit the road the next day as did we.

A relaxing 12 hour drive on Memorial Day got us within striking distance of NYC for our show on Tuesday at the Musical Hall of Williamsburg. The show turned out really well! Mike of American Sharks continued to keep us updated on how his mom is doing between the songs in their hostile-party takeover set. Big Business continued to make me wish I'd spent more time practicing guitar, learning to play the drums, or had attended charm school. Excellent show all around really. My gal was in town so we spent the next couple of days painting the town dark brown (whatever color jäger is) and having a blast.


Phillidelphia was our next stop. I like the feel of that town! We played the Trocadero. It's a pretty large venue for our lil band, but the crowd, though not nearly close to capacity, was really hopped up and made the show a blast.

Rock and Roll Hotel in DC is a really cool venue. A maze of stairs and bars including a rooftop hang-out made it really fun. A pinball machine only made it better. David's old bandmate from Face Down in Shit showed up, as did many other familiar faces.

Next stop was Cleveland at the Beachland. There was a teeny-bopper band performing on the other side of the club. It was like Beatle Mania! Screeching teenage girls going bonkers. It made me happy about the folks that come to our shows. No screeching please!

Yesterday was Detroit. Amazing crowd! I ate a whole calzone!! Why did I eat that whole thing?

I guess that's it, diary… Oh wait, check this out:

Does this look like a portly Hitler or what?