This story is over 5 years old.

Can Lil Wayne Skate?

Answer: Hell yeah, and we've got the exclusive footage.

Ever since Lil Wayne came home from Rikers and announced he’d taken up skateboarding as a hobby, there was a rash of debate amongst music fans as well as the skateboarding community over whether or not Wayne could actually skate, and if so, if he was any good at it.

Today we're here to present you with eight minutes of video evidence proving that Lil Wayne can indeed skate, and he’s actually pretty awesome. While you wouldn’t confuse him with a pro, he’s a significantly better skater than you or I, and that's damn impressive in and of itself.

We're not giving you some self-promotional puff piece featuring Wayne landing every single trick like he’s a character in the next Tony Hawk game—instead, it’s a portrait of his evolution as a developing skater, falls, fuckups and all. The thing about Wayne is he’s such an inherently magnetic figure that even watching him ride a skateboard from one end of his trukSTOP skatepark to another is completely and utterly hypnotic. And if you watch all the way through, you’ll see him ride up a quarter-pipe only to do a stall in front of a bunch of twerking strippers, which is kind of incredible.

Drew Millard did a 180 on a Razor Scooter once - @drewmillard