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Dreamcrusher Is a Queer, Black, Vegan Straight-Edge Noise Artist Who Is Never Changing

So much noise to kick off your weekend.
August 15, 2014, 4:15pm

The farther down you fall into the rabbit hole of weird music, the harder it is to show your friends or family newer music. After digging around for weird tunes, a powerviolence track suddenly becomes as entry-level as some pop song. So when you show a buddy a link to a new track, and they think you’re fucking crazy for listening to it, you don’t understand why the hell they don’t get it. This scenario could potentially unfold if you show off Dreamcrusher’s new track “La Haine” to the uninitiated. Dreamcrusher is a dude out of Wichita, Kansas that makes noisy shitgaze that will make you want to dance, burn down a building, and maybe hang out at a cemetery after. Crushing and distorted production make “La Haine” really stomp while it drowns out some dreary vocals in the background. If you check out Dreamcrusher’s back catalogue, you’ll find that “La Haine” runs on the poppier side of his output.


Check out the track below and keep a lookout for his EP coming out August 28th on Lazed In You (Slow Heads’ record label.) Make sure to show all your friends, even if it makes them uncomfortable. Especially if it makes them uncomfortable, actually.