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There Was a Hilarious Fugazi Typo on Twitter and You Internet Monsters Piled On

Tis good Fugazi jokes forthwith.

In the wonderful world of internet writing, typoes hapen. They hapen al teh time. As much as you would like to believe otherwise, the people who blog for your favorite websites are not grammar-programmed robots. We are sensitive human beings prone to error, just like you. Such was the case today for our fellow music writers over at SPIN, who tweeted the following:

Fugazi are releasing an album of lost songs from 1888

— SPIN (@SPINmagazine) September 18, 2014


A harmless albeit hilarious typo in the year, which was supposed to read “1988.” It happens. SPIN took it in stride and corrected it:

Now, with the right century: Fugazi are releasing an album of lost songs from 1988

— SPIN (@SPINmagazine) September 18, 2014

But by then, it was too late. The internet had sunk its joke-making teeth into it and thus, #Fugazi1888 was born. If you like super niche post-hardcore jokes, this is the hashtag for you:

"You art not what thou posses" #fugazi1888

— Marcos Hassan (@Kiddieriot) September 18, 2014

Give me the soothing syrup/ give me the laudanum/ give me the cure/ to pretty much every communicable disease #Fugazi1888

— Spencer Ackerman (@attackerman) September 18, 2014

"Doth Thou Like Me" #fugazi1888

— Ian Cohen (@en_cohen) September 18, 2014

These are not Fugazi pantaloons. #fugazi1888

— Shayne Mathis (@MetalShayne2000) September 18, 2014


— Tabs Out Podcast (@tabsout) September 18, 2014

You're always conversing conversing conversing conversing conversing rubbish forthwith #Fugazi1888

— Madeline Marshall (@Maddie_Marshall) September 18, 2014

#TBT Great pic of Ian MacKaye back when he formed Fugazi in 1876

— Zach Schonfeld (@zzzzaaaacccchhh) September 18, 2014

Even SPIN dug it:

We were gonna delete that 1888 Fugazi typo, but the responses are incredible:

— SPIN (@SPINmagazine) September 18, 2014

Oh and Fugazi is reissuing a demo or something.