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Sam Coffey And The Iron Lungs Ask to "Hold Me Close" Through 'Gates of Hell'

Enter the seventh circle of heaven with the power-pop track now

Sam Coffey and The Iron Lungs are readying their new LP Gates of Hell, and though that band name and that album title sound ultra-tough, I assure you they have more in common with Replacements or Reigning Sound. “Hold Me Close” is power-pop through and through, with melodic vocals powering a punk-y, americana accompaniment that is fun, hummable and definitely repeatable. Stream that track below and look for the LP on July 15 via Southpaw Records.


Gates of Hell is the product of Coffey, who tracked most of the record solo as the band grew from a four to a six piece. Ben Cook(Fucked Up) and Young Guv contributed to the album too, so don't be afraid to enter the Gates of Hell. The sunny disposition of "Hold Me Close" ensures that they’re giving out free hugs on the other side.