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Howardian's New Video for "Cinnamon Rolls" Is Art Rock Madness

Always bring a cannon to your show.
May 5, 2016, 6:46pm

Do you have a lot of warm, nice feelings associated with breakfast pastries? Maybe your mom baking up some baked goods one nice Sunday morning? Well fuck that, because it's time to get scummy as hell with Howardian. The New York based art rock group (fronted by Ian Vanek of Japanther) does a good job of kicking dirt into things you hold dear to your heart with their new video for "Cinnamon Rolls," off their upcoming record A Smurf At Land's End.


If you mute the sound on the link, you might think you're watching some kind of heavy-duty chaos fest, complete with cannons, built for a band with a way different vibe. But in tandem with song, Howardian make the buzzy grooves of the music a kind of meeting point for the weirdness in the video, a place where anyone is free to do their own thing. You could use your music to be sad in a room by yourself, or you can hang out at a park around a huge fire and chill out with your pals.

Catch Howardian live:

May 5th (10pm) @ Santa Salsa 594 Union Ave In Williamsburg, Brooklyn.
May 11th at the Half Moon in Hudson, New York.