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PREMIERE: Noise Rock and Sludge Coalesce on The Glorious Rebellion's 'Euphoric' New LP

The Orlando trio sounds like like Acid Bath on a Jesus Lizard trip, and you can listen to the whole damn thing right here, right now.

Photo courtesy of the artist

The Glorious Rebellion hails from Orlando, FL, and in their several short years of existence, have managed to kick up quite a loud racket on their local circuit, racking up high-profile gigs and even radio airplay. The trio's lurching, off-kilter noise rock and frazzled, sludgy riffs coalesce into a heavy, ugly, glorious mess of sound and skronk, like Acid Bath on a Jesus Lizard trip. Throw in a little melody, a lot of groove, and a dash of psych-rock, and you've got Euphoric, the band's debut full-length.

As the band readily admits, "We're not here to make friends. We're not here to play nice. We're not here to 'support the scene.' We're not looking for a good time." There's no fluff and no pretense to be found here: The Glorious Rebellion's enduring goal is ultimately to " crank it up and yell at it until our point is made and then get off the stage."


Euphoric is out today, April 8, via Magnetic Eye Records (who snagged the rights to the album following a bidding war). Listen to the whole damn thing in full right here, right now:

Catch The Glorious Rebellion live:

04.08 - Wonderland - Richmond, VA

04.09 - Scrap Iron Gallery - Wilmington, NC

04.10 - HBGB - Brunswick, GA