PREMIERE: Mamiffer's "Mara" Is Pure Crestfallen Beauty

Wrapped in sadness, but not depressing.
January 22, 2016, 1:25pm

Photo by Aaron Turner

Mamiffer is a duo comprised of Faith Coloccia and Aaron Turner, who produce music that creates a heavy atmosphere of emotion and meaning. The group is set to release their new album The World Unseen through SIGE Records on April 1, which is sure to be their most fully-realized work to date.

"Mara" is the special kind of track whose meaning and tone shift upon each listen. At first, you might be caught up in the beauty of the piano keys colliding with vocals, creating some sense of real wonder. Or you could hear a slight hint of sadness, a kind of mourning and sense of loss flickering through the music. It's because Mamiffer is able to develop a kind of emotional landscape that's rich and full, yet leaves enough ambiguity to dramatically alter what one might absorb from listen to listen.

1. By the Light of My Body
2. Flower of the Field II
3. 13 Burning Stars
4. Mara
5. Domestication of the Ewe - part I
6. Domestication of the Ewe - part II
7. Domestication of the Ewe - part III
8. Parthenogenesis