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Finnish Black Metal Radicals Oranssi Pazuzu Set the Sky Ablaze in Their New Video for "Lahja"

Taken from the experimental black metal kings' upcoming new album, 'Värähtelijä,' the video for "Lahja" is an auditory trip, and a visual feast.
February 23, 2016, 8:35pm

Later this week (on Friday, February 26, to be exact) Finland's premier psychedelic black metal band, Oranssi Pazuzu, will release its fourth LP, Värähtelijä. Fans of challenging, mesmerizing extreme music are understandably stoked for the event, and who can blame them? Oranssi Pazuzu's one of the most interesting bands in metal right now (black metal or otherwise), and this record's poised to be a breakthrough for the band's boundary-smashing career—Krautrock influences and all.

20 Buck Spin and Svart Records are doing a joint release (which also makes perfect sense, given the forward-thinking focus both labels prize) and we're premiering the video for the track "Lahja" below.

"Lahja" is an auditory trip, and a visual feast. Set in a snowy Scandinavian forest, beneath the trees' watchful gaze, plumes of orange smoke envelop the pristine white sky, figures in black paint obscure symbols onto pale skin, wide-eyed spectres bob and sink in cloudy pools, flames climb high. The world turns blue—and then, blood red. I dare you to take your eyes away for even a second.