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Goner Shares Unreleased Jay Reatard Track by His Former Band Angry Angles

Listen to "Things Are Moving" by by Angry Angles, Reatard's band with Alix Brown.

Bless Goner Records for filling the void of Jay Reatard's death with unreleased tracks like this one by Reatard's former band Angry Angles. Before going solo and leaving an eduring mark on garage-punk history with the blistering classic Blood Visions, Reatard was in a band called Angry Angles with former girlfriend and bandmate Alix Brown. Destruction Unit's Ryan Rousseau was also in the band at the time of this recording. "Things are Moving" is the first song shared off Goner's upcoming compillation of Angry Angles recordings, full of tracks leading up to Reatard's boisterous solo debut. Stream the "Things Are Moving" below.