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Suicidal Florida Man Exchanges Hundreds of Rounds With Police, Burning the Floor and House of Lightning Practice Space Down

A horrifying police standoff leaves a SWAT team member wounded and the perpetrator dead.

The practices spaces of Floor and House of Lightning went up in flames after a suicidal Polk County Florida man caused a standoff according to a local report. 39 year-old Michael Phillips, who reportedly suffered mental illness, barricaded himself inside of his plumbing business and exchanged over 200 rounds with police, wounding a SWAT team member. Authorities believe that Phillips set a fire that would eventually kill him and destroy the practice space of Floor and related band House of Lightning. Floor/Torche frontman Steve Brooks posted the above photo of what is left of the band's practice space on his Instagram.


Floor released their first LP since reuniting via Season of Mist last year. We spoke with Steve Brooks then, and are preparing to stream the new Torche LP Restarter (featuring "Minion") here at Noisey on February 16th. Mark your calendar. House of Lightning also recently released their new LP Lightworker as well.