This story is over 5 years old.

LA Punks No Parents Celebrate the Coming Alien Invasion with "UFOMG"

They were in the studio during last night's West Coast UFO panic and dedicated a song to it.

Twitter blew up last night from LA to the Bay and even parts of Nevada as an unexplained glowing light traveled up the coast, prompting a quick and all-encompassing UFO panic. We now know that late night missle testing was the culprit, but sheesh, give a warning when you plan on lighting up the night sky on a Saturday. People freak out. Cali punks No Parents were in the studio last night watching social media explode with questions, and they've dedicated a catchy, nihilistic song and video to the fiasco suitably titled "UFOMG." It's part of an upcoming 12-inch due out on Ring the Alarm Records that singer Zoe Reign describes as "one single and 30 super short songs about nothing. The Seinfeld of albums." Stream "UFOMG" here and watch the video below.