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Watch Dilly Dally Kick Ass and Cover Drake's "Know Yourself" at CMJ

There is still some good in this world.

As human beings, even when life is good, we can't help but complain. It must be our nature, no? In my case, it probably comes from staring at a computer screen every day as I listen to music through headphones, crouching over my desk, eating my lunch, pieces of salad falling onto my keyboard, feeling chained to the Information Superhighway. Our self-worth is quite often defined by likes, retweets, and faves, and there's nothing more exhausting than feeling like you need the approval of other people in order to find happiness, even though that approval is bullshit. Have you ever been tired for like seven years? I have. Or at least I feel like I have. Everything is trash, we'll say to ourselves as we open another email. There's no good in this world anymore. But then, without warning and almost blissfully, a band arrives that we hear and something happens. Maybe it's her scratchy, bursting voice so full of energy it makes you want to run to the moon. Maybe it's these squealing guitars. Maybe it's the fact that you've unplugged and witnessed some twenty-something kids who got together simply and earnestly in the name of making some good fucking music. It doesn't matter, because it proves one thing: There is good left in this world, at least some of it, and it's a band named Dilly Dally.


We premiered an early single of theirs, "Purple Rage," back in September, and then went candy shopping and talked about life a few weeks later. Last week in New York, the Toronto band performed multiple times throughout CMJ, emerging as one of the buzziest bands from the festival. At each performance, they confidently repped The 6 and covered Drake's "Know Yourself." Below, The Fader has a video of the cover from their set at Fader Fort. Watch it, and believe in something good again.

In short, Dilly Dally kicks ass.