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Listen to Vinyl Thief's New Track "Stop Motion"

This Nashville band threaten to nab your records and you're cynicism.

A couple of points. The fact that this band is called Vinyl Thief really amuses me. I know people are super precious about vinyl and it's beautiful and it smells good and look at the artwork all big and represented like it should be and oh damn don't you love the crackle when the needle hits the groove, but at this point, with houses getting smaller and everyone going digi, I feel like if someone busted into my place to steal my stash of records I'd be like, "Cool, take it, I need to make room for daily sustenance, A.K.A food." Hey, I live above a subway, space is at a premium.


Second point is: this tune is great! The Nashville-based troupe kick it off with a galloping piano line and the pace never let's up. Rather, the sense of wide-eyed excitement increases with each bar. Or as Vinyl Thief sing, "Frame by frame." Which is pretty apropo because "Stop Motion" will clearly be optioned for the next mumblecore/indie flick to soundtrack the climax where bitter turns to sweet as the flop-haired boy places his cable knit cardigan on the girl's shoulders and the couples in the audience squeeze each other's hands that much tighter.

So, you know, in spirit it's totally "Sweet Disposition" by The Temper Trap. I can already see you cynically squinting while pulling your chin into your neck. Stop that. You look like Larry David. Just enjoy.

Vinyl Thief Tour Dates 1/28 - Jackson, TN - Barefoots Joe
2/18 - New York - Pianos
2/19 - Philadelphia - Kung Fu Necktie w/Electric Hearts
2/21 - Athens, GA - The Green Room w/Machines Are People Too

"Stop Motion" is the title track from their forthcoming EP of the same name out on February 4.

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