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Watch a Video From Someone That Says He's "Left Brain's Cousin"

Tenuous? Us? Never.

Not only is Nic Goose an LA rapper, producer and the cousin of Odd Future’s Left Brain, he’s also clearly a man who knows how to ball on a budget as the new video for his track “Luxury” was made with just $500. Directed by Emil Nava, “Luxury” has got all the typical components of a LA-based video; skateboarding, weed, pretty women, pretty women smoking weed, but it’s also got this sixth sense eerie thing going on, which aims to pay a kind of urban homage to Kids. “Luxury" is the first single from Nic Goose’s forthcoming EP Golden Silver.


Director: Emil Nava

Director's Representatives: OB Management

Director of Photography: Pat Scola

Editor: Ellie Johnson

Exec Producers: Lanette Phillips

Producers: Danyi Deats, Layne Button

Production Manager: Leslie Godfrey

Casting Director: Copelan Cash

1st A.C.: Jake Blanco

2nd A.C.: Elver Hernandez

Prop Master: Sean Costello

Art Assistant: Michelle Watson

P.A. : Paul Cranford


Responsible Wayne


Narcotic Nay

Super Brick

Alexis Vasquez

Marilyn Ramirez

Amanda Cambridge

Produced by: London Japan

Recorded & Mixed by: Scott Hackwith

Label: Cassette Recordings