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Vancouver Rapper Brevner Turns Educational Samurai in New Video “Came Up”

He has a sword. But he's responsible.

Photo courtesy of Brevner

Vancouver emcee Brevner has been on a rebranding mission in 2016, adopting a more refined look compared to his past life as a backpack rapper. His latest video for “Came Up” is a red and black samurai-themed art piece directed by Frankie Jones. It’s the second video from the 2016 BREVNER EP. His lyrics are both hype and educational, with lines like, “Talkin’ bout margins, supply and demand/ understand that this shit is an auction,” and, “Listen muchacho, I’m El Presidente I’m taking my taxes/ there is no discussion, stop pressin’ my buttons/ show me where the cash is.” Those are great examples of macroeconomics. Plus, Brevner wields a sword, so basically “Came Up” is has everything you could ask for.

“Sometimes when I'm producing a track I'll play a movie silently on one of my screens for inspiration,” said Brevner. “I was watching Samurai I: Musashi Miyamoto when I stumbled across a Japanese Koto sample and it just went from there.” Watch it below.

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