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PREMIERE: Omar LinX Adds His Raps to Diplo’s “Doctor Pepper”

The Toronto rapper shares his latest effort, “Doctor Jekyll.”
July 21, 2015, 1:20pm

Omar LinX’s “Doctor Jekyll” feels like a long time coming. For a rapper who’s developed a career out of mashing hip-hop and electronic music together, a collaboration with Diplo seems only natural. The Toronto artist has gained over 40 million combined views on YouTube, many of which are from tracks that are in collaboration with the Toronto dubstep outfit Zeds Dead. “It was much more different than a conventional hip-hop beat, so I think I saw a challenge in trying to get on it,” Omar LinX says of dubstep. “I liked that it was different, I liked that I hadn’t heard of it, I liked that it was on the come up.” While dubstep allowed the rapper to initially turn heads, he’s since moved on from the genre. “I was never attached to dubstep… it’s really about finding my sound within it, even dubstep or electro or house, it’s about working with different people and getting a sound that’s mine.”


LinX’s “Doctor Jekyll” is a remix of Diplo’s “Doctor Pepper” which originally featured Riff Raff, OG Maco and K-pop star CL. He stumbled upon the track on his Soundcloud feed and got inspired to record his own rendition. “I called my brother Dylan from Zeds Dead who was coincidentally on the Full Flex Express Tour with Diplo and they sent the beat over to me.” The high-energy trap record’s subject matter revolves around letting loose and indulging in temptation. “I guess it’s about having two sides, especially with partying and drinking, kind of just losing yourself in those things, your inhibitions… it’s kind of about being crazy.”

Premiere Below:

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