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Cleanse Your Musical Palate with the Dopey Ambience of DODOSCOPE's New "Crater" EP

The Copenhagen-based producer's soothing second EP is like electroshock therapy, but without the drooling and permanent brain damage.

Back in 9th grade, while his fellow students were on their laptops wrestling with their algebra homework (or, you know, playing Runescape) Copenhagen-based producer Daniel Storm - a.k.a. DODOSCOPE - was using his to commune with the intergalactic gods of electronica. So it's no surprise that his latest EP Crater, which we have the exclusive pleasure of slathering all over your Hump Day, is brimming with a comfortable familiarity.

Over the course of four cohesively smooth-thumping tracks, DODOSCOPE rolls out vast expanses of gently mind-numbing electronica, somewhat reminiscent of Swedish The Field. Deep beats coalesce with mellowed-out female vocals and spacey synths, producing an end result not unlike something you would expect to hear pulsing on repeat aboard the Intenational Space Station. To spice up the traditional conventions of musical creation, Storm hermeneutically requested that his friend Lasse Thurmann do the album's artwork based solely off of the title "Crater", and then went on to create the music, drawing inspiration from the artwork.

Releasing through the talent-fostering electro-oracles at Sound of Copenhagen, Crater is neatly chisled, refreshing electronica that neither tries to do too much, or too little. All you've really got to do here is press play, bob your head along, and then carry on doing your taxes, your crossword puzzle or whatever psychoactive drugs you were in the middle of, while now enjoying a slightly clearer state of mind.

Odds are you're off tomorrow, so go get your kicks at DODOSCOPE's release party at Jolene in Copenhagen's Meat-Packing District.