D-Sisive, Shad and Rich Kidd Are an All-Star Toronto Rap Team on BBRC's "Yesterday (Today Remix)"

Drake, you might want to check if you’re also on this track.
May 12, 2016, 2:27pm

Courtesy of BBRC

If you rap and are from The 6, there’s a good chance you are featured on BBRC’s newest track called “Yesterday (Today Remix),” because everyone seems to be on it. BBRC was formally known as Notes to Self prior to the release. Original crew members Roshin and Bronze, with cuts by DJ Dopey, remixed their 2013 banger “Today” off the Target Market (Recoil) album and featured Canadian greats D-Sisive, Shad and Rich Kidd. Shad rhymes on his verse, “Sometimes I wonder what I’m rhyming for/ Fine, awards, yeah but at times I’m kinda sorta bored,” likely referring to his dull life as a CBC host. It’s honest lines like this and Roshin’s appreciative “ahhh, mammaries” shout out that gives “Yesterday (Today Remix)” its #RealTalk Toronto boom bap vibe.

“After my brother [and former crew member] Swamp stepped down to look after his family we ended up in a transitional period,” Roshin says. "We were performing less but because of that Bronze and I were in the studio by ourselves more; I mean, you can't just not make music when that's all you want to do." Bronze adds, "I admire something different about being able to collaborate with all of these dudes and their awesome writing skill sets—and it was my pleasure being able to finish the song after we unearthed it from the original Recoil sessions—I'm pretty stoked to share this lost material.” Listen to the track below.

Devin Pacholik was not featured because he is from Saskatchewan. Follow him on Twitter.