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Here Is Dick Diver's New Video

It's called "Calendar Days," and its got the same bleary-eyed hangover vibe we've come to expect from this Australian slacker-pop act.
April 10, 2013, 2:03pm

There's something irrefutably charming about Melbourne's Dick Diver, and it's probably not just their name. It has been a little while but the Australians have a brand new album coming out called Calendar Days, and we're pretty happy about it because we've missed their scratchy guitars, laconic delivery, and Steph Hughes' songbird voice.

We've scored the video for the album's title track to premiere here on Noisey. Created by Mia Mala McDonald (who's worked on videos for Coco Rosie and yet another Melbourne act Boomgates) and Timothy Hiller (likewise for Twerps and Total Control), it's a pretty dreamy lo-fi affair with a good helping of an Australian aesthetic. Which is kind of how you might sum up the band.

Get your hands on the album right here, and keep an ear out for a new single in May as part of Matador Records' 2013 singles club series.