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Kanye West and Crustpunk: Together at Last

It's the Leftöver Crack/Kanye mashup you've been waiting for.
March 7, 2014, 3:39pm

We’ve covered Kanye West once or twice or 400 million times here at Noisey but our coverage of Leftöver Crack has been sorely lacking. If only there was some way to combine the NYC gutter punks and Chi-town’s self-professed messiah. Introducing Leftöver Kanye, a mashup album by producer/person with too much time on his hands Jake Bowman which combines Ye and Stza (Stzeezy, if you will). It’s sort of an odd pairing, putting Kanye’s pompous rap verses over that crack rock steady beat. Why would a person spend perfectly good time doing this? Here, let Jake tell you:


“I know a lot of people won't get it. But for people like me who like both Kanye and Crack's music, hopefully they'll understand and think it's pretty rad. If not, fuck it.”

That’s probably the best attitude to have when making anything artistically. Create what you want and fuck everyone else. And yeah, most of Kanye’s fans probably wouldn't know the difference between crustpunk and Daft Punk and most of Leftöver Crack’s fans won’t be able to hear this until they go back to the suburbs to use their parents’ wifi. But for the five other people in the world who listen to Kanye West and Leftöver Crack/Choking Victim, this is a thoroughly enjoyable, completely nasty mashup.

Check it out below. The people who live on the futon in your punk house will be totally confused.