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Such Hounds' Newest Single, "I've Been Lost," Will Help You Find Your Way Home

Stream their new bong rock jam here.

Every once in a while a band comes around that makes you feel pretty okay about what's going on in music. "I've Been Lost" by Such Hounds, their first single from their soon-to-be released Strangers LP. For some, "I've Been Lost" sounds like "Tom Petty wading through bong water" which probably means bad (side note, bong rock would probably be a good way to describe their sound) and for others, there are definite sonic similarities to whatever 60s and 70s rock'n'roll band you've been thinking of lately.


"I've Been Lost" is a lyrical departure from the band's earlier split Drink to Sleep/Those Lies. While those songs focused more on the negative shit life puts you through with no real reasoning, "I've Been Lost" is a song about self-imposed redemption, pulling yourself up by your bootstraps and proudly declaring to the world that you're tired of your own shit, and you're going to do something else now.

Preorder their latest vinyl here, grab this song on iTunes and check out the details for their next show at Brooklyn DIY haunt Shea Stadium here.

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