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Ease Into Your Fourth of July Weekend with Noisey Radio Featuring La Sera and Wara From The NBHD

Plus, hear some new heat from Girlyboi, and Wara From The NBHD.
July 1, 2016, 5:51pm

This Fourth of July weekend, we already know you're going to be opening the (grill) pit every single day. Aside from the very delicious dogs and burgs' you'll be cooking up, you've also gotta figure out how you're going to keep the people entertained when they're not scarfing down food.As always, we've got your back in these times of need. This week's episode of Noisey Radio on Beats 1 features Wara From The NBHD and La Sera. But first, we've got a short and sweet mix for you to glide into your weekend with, featuring the world premiere of New York City art-pop duo Girlyboi's "Popular Song" and a track from The Strokes' newest EP, "Threat of Joy" (that has a music video we gleefully premiered earlier this week.)


In a short amount of time, Wara From The NBHD infected hip-hop with his unique sense of purpose and taste. His 2014 debut full-length Kidnapped showed Wara creating a landscape with his hip-hop, helming both rapping and producing to make a cohesive project that tells the story of where he's from. We spoke to him about his music, other tunes he's into, and we'll be dropping a new track by him, "HOV Lane."

It's kind of hard not to be in love with La Sera. For the past six years, the band has been delivering an invigorating blend of indie rock that mixes together emotions of joy and sadness, often on the same track in energetic results. Their newest record, the teasingly titled Music For Listening to Music To expands their sound with the help of Ryan Adams at the helm. Frontwoman Katy Goodman came by to discuss the new record and the band's newest lineup.

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Rae Sremmurd - #DoYoga
Girlyboi - Popular Song **WORLD PREMIERE**
The Strokes - Threat of Joy

Nirvana - Lithium
Kid Cudi - Angered Kids
Radiohead - In Limbo
Wara from the NBHD - Down Since Birth ft. Conner Youngblood
The Beatles - I Want You (She's So Heavy)
Wara from the NBHD - HOV Lane **World Premiere**

La Sera - A Thousand Ways
La Sera - Take My Heart
La Sera - Time To Go
La Sera - I Need An Angel
La Sera - Begins To Rain
La Sera - Shadow Of Your Love