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Hear Urfaust Pay Tribute to The Devil's Blood with "Voodoo Dust"

The Dutch black metal duo cover one of TDB's best-loved songs in honor of their fallen brother, Selim Lemouchi.
May 31, 2016, 8:30pm

In 2014, the passing of Dutch musician Selim Lemouchi stunned and saddened the international heavy music community, especially those who appreciated his work in occult rock sensations The Devil's Blood (amongst others) and who knew and loved him on a personal level. He left an impressive musical legacy as well as many, many close friends behind, and is still mourned every day.

His friends in Urfaust pay tribute to him on a new twelve-inch EP that includes a cover of "Voodoo Dust," one of The Devil's Blood's best-loved songs. Urfaust's version of "Voodoo Dust" retains the original's melody, but pushes it further into the wilderness, chopping and screwing it into over eight minutes of intoxicating, extremely trippy fare (especially in its latter half, when it dissolves into a full-fledged psych spasm). Here, Selim's sister and the Mouth of Satan herself, Farida Lemouchi, and her grandiose, imposing voice are swapped out for a much more feral, unhinged approach befitting Urfaust's own commitment to chaos. It's heartbreaking and impressive in equal measure, and a fitting tribute to a fallen brother.

Its companion track, "Kalabhairava," is an ambient soundscape featuring Farida Lemouchi on vocals; preorders are up via Ván Records now, with multiple collector's options available.