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We Talked to Instagram Granny Baddie Winkle About Fashion, Acid, and Being Buds with Miley

How did a senior citizen from Kentucky become beloved by Drake, the face of Dimepiece, and an ambassador of cool?

Baddie Winkle is that eighty-something year old grandma you’ve probably seen flexing on Instagram decked out one-pieces that say shit like “Been Trill” or “Stealing Your Man Since 1928,” while rolling golden joints, and generally being a boss. If you haven’t heard of this Kentucky-based senior citizen you’re probably thinking, “Man, she sounds pretty sweet,” and you’re not wrong. Miley’s been hanging out with her IRL, and Drake posted the snap of her below on last Christmas Eve, meanwhile, Baddie is currently the face (and body) of LA streetwear label Dimepiece. She’s a granny gone viral and it looks like she’s having the time of her life.


I first stumbled across a pic of Baddie eating ice cream while wearing a sweatshirt of Yeezy eating ice cream. It was then that I realized, number one, I need that sweatshirt in my life, and number two, I should get this awesome Grandma on the phone and pick her brain about music, style, and pop culture in general. I wanted to ask her pertinent questions like, What’s your stance on Yeezus? Have you and Miley been torching blunts together in the wake of her split with ol' Schwarzenegger? Are you furiously jealous after the Drake/Madonna kiss? I had to track her down. Luckily it wasn’t very hard, because—the internet. Here’s what we talked about, and before you ask, yes, I did ask her out on a date. Obviously. Noisey: I think it would be sweet to take a step back for a moment to give our readers a better sense of who you are, and how found Instagram-stardom…
OK! Well, we started posting pictures on Twitter first. Actually, we were goofing off that day, posted a picture, and it just blew up. It really did. It’s been phenomenal. And I’m going to have a party when I hit a million followers!

Well that’s epic. What kind of party will it be? Is Drake invited?
Well, actually just the family and my friends. Combining this with my grandson that’s graduating college, we’re having a party all together. Drake is invited.

We’ve seen you wearing shirts with almost every celebrity’s face on it, but I’m particularly interested in the one where you look like Kurt Cobain. Were you a Nirvana fan?
No, I wasn’t a Nirvana fan back in the 90s but I do like rock ‘n’ roll. But I like all kinds of music—I even listen to opera when I’m cleaning my house!


That’s lovely. Describe how it feels getting all this attention? Surprising?
You know what, it feels really great. I still can’t get it through my brain that everybody wants me to be their Grammy! So I’ve got thousands and thousands of grandchildren out there! Just because you’re old, doesn’t mean you have to sit down and do nothing.

Rad. You’re inspiring me to grow old. I remember seeing you on Twitter before you made waves on Instagram. So many artists from Miley Cyrus to Drake have endorsed you, have any reached out personally?
Miley reached out to me, I was just texting her! She’s a very fun person. She sends lots of smiley faces, and I do too! She’s posted things about me on Instagram. Drake, too, who I love.

You and Miley have sort of the same vibe goin’ on…
Well, I watched Miley grow up and she’s from Kentucky. That’s where I’m from. I used to listen to her dad sing.

For those of us that are nerdily curious, how many followers would you say a Miley mention earns you?
I’d say about three or four thousand.

Sweet Jesus. If you were to pick up your phone and have Drake on the other line, what would you say to him?
What would I say to Drake? “Drake, I would love to meet you in person.” Also that I love his music. I’m a big fan. And he’s a big fan of mine!

We all are, Baddie. Changing gears a bit, it seems like you’re very pro-marijuana in your photos. For those of us that are curious, do actually smoke weed?
I am for it, but I don’t smoke it! I promote medicinal marijuana, I mean, it’s great for people that really need it. They can’t get it in all States, you know. Some [people] with their children, have moved out of the States. It’s been proven that it helps those children.


Have you ever taken a puff in these photo shoots with the sparkly joints?
No, I haven’t! I really don’t know how.

Well if you ever come to Brooklyn I’ll roll us a joint.
OK! [Laughs.] Now, Peter, with you I might take a puff. What do you call it? A puff?

Drag, rip, puff! It sounds like fun being you, Baddie. Don’t you get tired? You’ve gotta be the most energetic grandmother of all time.
It’s tiring, you know, when you’re posing for six or eight hours. But I rise up pretty fast. I always have.

I know this past year has been insane for you, but what you were up to, like, five years ago on this day?
Five years ago I was living in the country on my little farm. I was mowing grass, and trimming, and raising a garden. I was doing all the things to do. It was very different. Now I live in town.

Lol that capton Baddie!

Growing up in Kentucky, did you see much live music?
Yeah, we went mostly to country shows. Young Rascals. That was so long ago that I can’t really remember all of them at least.

Do you feel yourself transforming from the country girl to Miley Cyrus’ hip grandma?
I do, I do. I mean it’s been really exciting I guess you could say. I hope to continue for it to be exciting. It’s exciting everyday.

It sounds exciting. In one picture I saw of you, you’re wearing a shirt that references an acid trip. What can our readers learn about acid from Baddie Winkle?
Oh no! Oh… NO! Nuh uh. [Laughs.] I mean, I go to church on Sunday. We didn’t do things like that back then. I’ve kind of been a rebel all my life, though.


You’re religious, but is there someone or something that you connect with on a spiritual level? Something that motivates you to get out of bed everyday…
Well, I connect with Kennedy [Baddie's granddaughter]. I think she’s my soul mate. What keeps me going may sound strange to you. My husband died 30 years ago. Thirty-three years ago, actually. And my son died 16 years ago. I think they’re in heaven, and I think that I am going to see them again someday.

I’m so sorry for your loss. I’m sure they want you to have fun…
They do! My son was a very fun guy, and so was my husband. I think they would approve.

It sounds like you’re channeling your losses in a very positive way. That’s very honorable in my opinion.
That’s at least one reason why I got into this—to come to terms with my loss. It’s a very hard thing to do. What role does music play in Baddie Winkle’s lifestyle?
Well, I think it plays a big role! I’m getting ready to do some musical videos right now. It’s for someone else. I can’t even carry a tune. [Laughs.]

I bet it’s for Miley
It may be! You’ll just have to watch and see. In what environment are you listening to music most frequently?
I listen to music when I’m out driving. I drive a lot. I’ll listen to all kinds of music. I’ll change it from station to station, driving two or three hours when I’m going somewhere. As I said, I like country music. I listen to it a lot. But I’ll always love Miley and Drake.

So tell our readers what you were up to yesterday.
Well, I go to water aerobics three days a week. I go to brunch and dinner. I walk. I try to keep myself healthy! Well, you look great! I’d ask you on a date, but that might be unprofessional of me.
[Laughs.] Well, I’m busy most of the time anyways. But thank you. Denied. Well, I find it hilarious that everyone who knows your Instagram probably thinks you sit around by your pool smoking weed all day listening to Drizzy when in reality you eat healthily, abstain from recreational drug use, go to water aerobics class, listen to opera while cleaning your house, and then make it to church on Sundays! You’re, like, a model citizen. That’s cooler I think, just to be having fun with it.
[Laughs.] I do. I do have fun with it. They talk bad about me a lot of times on there, and it used to bother me, but it doesn’t bother me anymore. Whatever they say, it’s on them, not on me!

Pete Sholley struck out with Baddie Winkle! Bummer dude. Follow him on Twitter.