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Scrapbook: Emily King Flips Through Her Old Photo Albums

Plus check the premiere of her flashback appropriate new video "For Them."
September 17, 2015, 1:26pm

It's been a minute since we premiered this Grammy nominated singer's

awesomely stylish video for "Distance."

The 30 year old, Lower East Side-born artist dropped her second LP this past summer—

The Switch out now via Making Music Records

—a record crammed with full-bodied, harmony-heavy pop. Like if Feist was really into R&B and 70s songwriters like Laura Nyro. Anyway, to celebrate, this and her fabulousness we asked her to dig out her old photo albums and chart her music and style evolution. #tbt baby yeah! Who doesn't love having a snoop through someone's old pics.

I loved playing the clarinet. All the grown ups told me I was good. But I think after I saw this photo of myself playing clarinet I decided to quit playing clarinet. Understandable.

So I walked into a shoe store in Soho with my mom one day and fell in love with these patched suede boots! I was about 8 years old with full on 8 year old style. But in my eyes those boots were the COOLEST thing in the world and I had to have them! Thanks again ma!

Hair attempt # 1,455,322.

Shout out to my cousin and uncle who were nice enough to keep secret that I was winning the worst outfit award of the universe that night. The belt??

I got a perm! I think that might have been in my record contract. This was my album release day in 2007. FYI it's risky to sit cross legged when your pants are that tight.

Thanks to Alix Boutilier for my first undercut. It made me feel somehow, a little more like myself. I've been frequenting barber shops ever since and they still act surprised to see a girl walk in ;) Ha.