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Stormzy Started Doing "Shut Up" and Then Had to Pass The Mic to This Girl

At yesterday's performance outside the Noisey UK office, Stormzy let a fan get on the mic and she killed.

This article originally appeared on Noisey UK.

To celebrate the release of Stormzy's banging and barbed new freestyle "Wicked Skengman Pt 4"—which is shaping up for a top 20 finish in this week's Official UK Charts—the big man Michael hit the Noisey offices yesterday afternoon for a live performance and Q&A, so he could generally be at one with everyone whose dropped cash on the song and sent it where it's going.

It was a loose and breezy impromptu party. Stormzy shouted out Nando's and VICE in the same sentence, referred to himself as human selfie stick, and he smashed through "Shut Up", "Wicked Skengman Pt 4" and "Know Me From" like a bossman. You lot all went hard, but one girl knew every single damn word. So Big Stormz stopped the track, started again from the top, and took her with him. She nailed it.

Watch the full performance below:

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