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We Are Scientists Get Animated in Their Video for "Classic Love"

WAS are asking: Is classic love enough? Or are we all going to end up at sex parties with buffets stocked with chicken cubes on sticks? Think about that.
April 14, 2016, 1:49pm

"Classic love / Is it good enough / Anymore?" Jeez, We Are Scientists. Thanks for asking the big, thorny questions. The answer is probably no, even though I'd prefer it to be yes. Just the other night a friend of mine told me about going to a couple of sex parties in the wake of her break up from a longterm love. She said attending these events was like filling up a prescription (orgasms = good), but also these parties had really awks themes like "Jungle Love" so the attire generally involved a lot of ill-fitting synthetics, and there was a buffet with like, chicken lollipops, which is pretty much the last thing I imagine anyone would want to eat before chowing down on some you know what.


But I digress. We Are Scientists have never shied away from the awk and they're back with new album Helter Seltzer on April 22nd. Below is the premiere of their video for "Classic Love" which finds them on an animated road trip. They do not brake for animals or Donald Trump and Chris' expression is utterly immobile.

"Using the song's title as an inspirational jumping-off point, I figured it would be cool to use a classic medium for the video," explains singer Keith Murray. "It's a shame that those old, classic hand-drawn animated films have been overshadowed by newer, soulless CGI extravaganzas. I wanted our video to be a nod back to old Disney or Hanna Barbara productions, where the creators' vitality was visible in the individual brushstrokes of those hand-rendered characters. The humanity is all in the eyes, you know?"

"I keep trying to tell Keith that, unlike the video for 'Classic Love,' those old animated movies weren't done on Adobe Flash," interjects Cain. "Truth be told, this video is no less CGI than a Pixar film or Antz, or whatever, but it seems like he's willfully ignoring me on that. I also kind of resent that he keeps telling me that my soul is reflected in the eyes of my character. He just drew two black dots."

Watch below. Also—they're hitting the road and on some dates they'll be playing Love & Squalor in full to celebrate its 10 year anniversary. Super!

WAS Tour Dates May 10th - Boston, MA - Brighton Music Hall
May 11th - New York City, NY - Irving Plaza***
May 13th - Washington, D.C - Rock & Roll Hotel
May 14h - Philadelphia, PA - Johnny Brenda's
May 15th - Charlottesville, VA - The Southern
May 17th - Atlanta, GA - Aisle 5
May 18th - New Orleans, LA - Gasa Gasa
May 19th - Houston, TX - The Raven Tower
May 20th - Austin, TX - Barracuda
May 21st - Fort Worth, TX - Lola's
May 23rd - Nashville, TN - Exit In
May 24th - Asheville, NC - Tiger Mountain
May 25th - Raleigh, NC - Kings

July 8th - Spokane, WA - The Bartlett
July 9th - Seattle, WA - Crocodile Cafe
July 10th - Vancouver, BC - Cobalt
July 11th - Portland, OR - Doug Fir Lounge
July 13th - San Francisco, CA - The Chapel

July 16th - Los Angeles, CA - El Rey Theatre *** *** celebrating 10th anniversary of 'With Love And Squalor'

For more info about the boys and they're upcoming record go here.