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OMG, There's a Brand New Brand New Song Called "Mene," and, Just to Be Clear, It Is Brand New

The band shares its first new song in six years.

Here you were, for years, putting up with all your friends' increasingly stale jokes about your music taste, how you loved Brand New so much despite them, at this point, being Kind of Old. Maybe you'd resigned yourself to this being your reality forever, that you'd just always listen to Deja Entendu and sigh to yourself, recognizing the truth in that title and sadly noting that you had already heard everything Brand New there was to hear.

Well, fret no longer, Brand Newbians. The band just released a new song, "Mene," their first in six years. You can download it over at their website, which is also hosting a video. Stereogum points out that they first played this song live last week, and it appeared again in their set at Coachella. Now you, too, can listen to it. Check it out above, and grab a download on the band's site.

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