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Nicki Minaj Does Her Best Beyoncé in a SNL Skit of Biblical Proportions

Behold, "Beyonce" as the Virgin Mary.
December 7, 2014, 7:10pm

Photo via My Pink Friday

Nicki Minaj may have bailed on our birthday party, but sure she tore some shit up as the musical guest and troublemaker in chief on the 12/6 episode of SNL. In addition to performing a few of her own songs, she popped up in a skit entitled "Jingle Ballerz." Nicki lampoons Queen Bey with an on-the-money impression—she's got the imperious tone and honey-blonde tresses down—and trots out her own powerful pipes to belt a snippet of "Drunk in Love." It's delightful, and Sasheer Zamata's Rihanna is even funnier. They're joined by Eminem (Taran Killam), Riff Raff (host James Franco), Rick Ross (Kenan Thompson), and Justin Bieber (Kate McKinnon serving up the best SNL celeb skewering since Tina Fey strapped on her Sarah Palin frames) in a hip hop nativity scene. Trust us, you need to watch this.