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PREMIERE: Watch Killing Joke's Mixed Media Catharsis for "Euphoria"

One of the best cuts from 'Pylon' makes a killer video.

Killing Joke has been making the highest tier of industrial and post-punk since 1979. One would think, that after all this time a band might slow down a bit or lose some of their ability as musicisans. Instead, Killing Joke have managed to continuously one up themselves, making music that dips into more and more interesting, killer territories. Such was found on the band's most recent LP, Pylon, a hard-hitting and intense listen. Today, we're premiering the band's video for one of the album's best tracks, "Euphoria." The video captures a live Killing Joke show, and combines it with dark and strange animation. It's a perfect representation of one of the record's most stellar tracks.


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