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Let's Enjoy This Trey Songz "Life on Mars?" Cover We Didn't Know We Needed

It's for the soundtrack of HBO's 'Vinyl.'


HBO's Vinyl is so full of wild twists and turns that if you miss an episode or two, you stand to come back to a completely different set of circumstances for your favorite characters. When you drop a building on your main character in the first episode, anything is possible going forward. This fact is driven home today by a new cover of the David Bowie Hunky Dory classic "Life on Mars?" made, for some reason, by bleating R&B Lothario Trey Songz. Before you x out this tab in disgust, you should know that Songz is a gifted singer, and this sparse piano-only arrangement foregrounds his skills as an interpreter and the genius ear for melody the late great Space Oddity blessed us with. Stream Trey's "Life on Mars?" version below.