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Noname Finally Releases ‘Telefone’ and Makes the World a Better Place

The Chicago rapper has been talking about the record for a little over two years.

The words "Telefone coming soon" are now hardwired into many people's brains. Since Fatimah Warner—now known simply as Noname— appeared on Chance the Rapper’s Acid Rap cut “Lost” back in 2013, her reputation has grown exponentially. Tracks like “Paradise,” “Sunday Morning,” and “Members Only” travelled around Soundcloud playlists and kept people going for a while, but the whole time that Twitter bio, “Telefone coming soon,” teased something greater and more complete, throwing fuel on the fire.


Since announcing the release of that debut solo release a little over two years ago, Noname has only further solidified her reputation as a deft and hyper-intelligent young rapper, at first a one woman Digable Planets for the melodic Chicago contemporary, but quickly something wholly unique. She was there on Donnie Trumpet’s Surf, dropping a characteristically soulful verse on “Warm Enough” alongside Chance and J Cole; she was there again on Coloring Book’s “Finish Line / Drown,” dropping one of her shortest but sweetest verses; she teamed up with Jamila Woods on her magnificent new record, guesting on “VRY BLK.” She teased the Telefone release with "Freedom Interlude" back in April, too.

But now Telefone is actually here. Really, properly here. It features guest spots from theMIND, Eryn Allen Kane, and Saba. You can listen to below it and everything.

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