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Listen to the Studio Version of Kanye West's Newest Banger "All Day"

How long are we going to be bumping this? All day!
March 2, 2015, 7:30pm

Ah yes, Kanye has premiered the studio version of his newest track "All Day," on Power 105. Listen to the radio rip below. At the risk of making the joke that every rap blogger's going to make, how long am I going to listen to this song? All day. The track is the first single from So Help Me God, Kanye's newest album.

Couple of random thoughts: Apparently "All Day" was co-produced by French Montana? Which logistically makes sense, given that Kanye's married to Kim Kardashian, whose sister Khloe is dating French. But to my knowledge (and I'm a pretty big French Montana fan) French doesn't really produce? Additionally, "All Day" has a pretty prominent grime influence, which makes sense given the fact that Kanye unleashed the track at the Brit Awards backed by UK Grime dons like the Boy Betta Know crew (Jammer, Skepta, JME, etc.) as well as Novelist and Stormzy. Does this mean that Americans are slowly but surely going to start giving a shit about grime? I hope so, because it's lonely over here being the one rap nerd over here who carries a torch for Wiley. Either way, the track was finished and mixed by Hudson Mohawke at The Healthfarm Studio in London, according to his tweet about the track, so as always shouts out to Hudmo for bringing good things into this world.

Anyways, enough of my yakkin'. Listen to "All Day" below, and read the best pull quotes from Kanye's interview with Zane Lowe while you're at it.