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Beware the Chainsaw Psycho: Here's Inspired & the Sleep's Vid for "Sleeps Well On Knives"

Time anxiety and 70s horror films make for potent sources of inspiration.

Do you like flannel? And snowy forest landscapes? Do you like menacing men with chainsaws with an Alex DeLarge glint in his eye? Do you like indie-pop that's nimble and melodically sweet? With a trace of Alt-J, minus the bleating sheep vibes. San Diego duo Inspired & the Sleep provide all these elements in the video for "Sleep Well on Knives." According to the band, the second single off their forthcoming Eyelid Kid EP (out this October), "aims to encompass the feeling of pure crippling weakening anxiety based around a fear of time."

Ergh. We feel that. The paralysis of time marching on. Relentlessly. Where is the pause button and can someone press it?

Meanwhile the slo-mo video, directed by Nicholas Payne Santos, was inspired by "70s slow burn horror films." Santos continues: "This music video depicts a young man’s anxiety and deepest fears. My vision was to throw the audience into the climax of a lost film, where a man’s future-self travels back in time to set things right."

There you have it.