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Stream Batpiss’ New Album ‘Biomass’

The Melbourne trio return with more demented noise that they describe as a "three sided pain cage."

Like being arm-deep inside a baying and heavily pregnant heifer, Melbourne rock and roll noise delinquents Batpiss are about to yank their fully developed album Biomass onto the barn room floor. It promises to be a messy, wobbly, loud, and ugly affair.

Following their 2013 album Nuclear Winter the trio have toured Indonesia and turned up their mix of bluesy punk sludge. Citing influences such as the Minutemen, the Hard Ons, the Dwarves and Lubricated Goat, the band describe it best as a “three sided pain cage”.


They are about to head out on a national tour which will have them travelling for most of July.

We caught up with bassist/vocalist Thomy Sloane to find out more.

Noisey: What is the best Indonesian street food?
Thomy Sloane: Honestly you can't go wrong with a good nasi goreng. I couldn't bring myself to eat the dogs but I've heard they're delicious.

Are there any songs about or inspired from Indonesia on the new record?
Not on this record. This record is more to do with inner hate and the Indonesians are way too nice and happy to be thrown into any dark circumstances we tend to find ourselves in.

Did travelling to Indonesia give you more of an appreciation of how lucky Melbourne is when it comes to live music?
Sort of I guess, I don't really need a reminder of how good the music scene is in Melbourne. I actually felt luckier to be getting away from Melbourne and experiencing something totally organic and new. If the people of Melbourne appreciated live music like the Indonesians, the place would be a lot better if you ask me.

There is a track called 'The Store'. What is your usual answer to, "I'm going to the store. Does anyone want anything?"

'Biomass' is available June 26 (CD/ Digital) and July 17 (vinyl) through Poison City.

Catch Batpiss at one of these shows:
July 2 - Canberra at the Phoenix
July 3 - Rad Bar at Wollongong
July 4 - Newcastle at Hamilton Hotel
July 5 - Sydney at Frankies Pizza
July 10 - Brisbane at Crowbar
July 11 - Brisbane at Tym Guitars,
July 17 - Melbourne at Howler
July 24 - Launceston at Club 54
July 25 – Hobart at the Brisbane Hotel
July 31 - Geelong at Barwon Club
Aug 1 - Ballarat at the Eastern
Aug 14th - Adelaide at The Exeter
Aug 15th - Adelaide Crown and Sceptre

Aug 22 – Perth at Rosemount Hotel, Perth *
Aug 28 – Newcastle at Small Ballroom, Newcastle *
Aug 29 – Brisbane at The Triffid, Brisbane *
Sep 4 – Adelaide at The Gov, Adelaide *
Sep 5 – Melbourne at The Forum, Melbourne *
Sep 6 – Melbourne at the Weekender Fest
* with the Drones

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