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Watch Dee Goodz's Video for "Suitcase" (Produced by Rodney Hazard)

This is a song that feels like you're swimming through a pool of swag.
April 13, 2015, 5:14pm

Recently, producer Rodney Hazard dropped a mixtape called Victim Volunteer, a collection of smoothed out beats that feel like you're swimming through a pool of swag. It's worth a listen—mainly because it's sunny outside now and it's the time of year when you find the best music to listen to while walking down the street, looking sweet. Cop it here. Above, we're premiering the video for "Suitcase," a song that features the artist Dee Goodz and is about, really, just dealing with shit. The video and song match each other in tone, floating along, tackling the daily struggles of life. After you peep, be sure to check out Dee Goodz latest project Don Madden.