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Here Is All of the Beyoncé in Four Minutes

Somebody, please, give this man a damn award!

I'm not gonna lie. I don't spend too much time on the YouTube channel of American Idol semi-finalist Todrick Hall. It's packed full of the kind of Disney-themed, High School Musical-soaked, let's-all-have-a-flash-mob viral #content that I just can't comfortably consume without feeling the need to wash my face afterwards. But his latest video is enough to melt even my icey soul.

In just four minutes, which you can watch below, Todrick performs 70 songs, full belt, pitch perfect, and barely stopping for breath. But these aren't just any songs, these 70 songs comprise all five albums of Beyoncé. Honestly, have you ever tried to sing Beyoncé? I once did "Pretty Hurts" on a karaoke in Berlin, and it sounded like a pelican inflating a blow up mattress. Never mind everything, ever, in four minutes. Todrick has stepped all over every X-Factor contestant in history. I am converted. Somebody, please, give this man a damn award.