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Teitanblood Invite You To 'Death' By "Anteinfierno"

Ugly, primitive death metal from the land of flamenco and castanets

Teitanblood has returned! Those of us who've been anxiously refreshing The AJNA Offensive's website since the band's cryptic single-word album announcement a few months back can finally rest easy, because 'Death' is now upon us. The album marks only the second full-length from these Spanish warmongers in all their decade-plus of stalking this rotting earth, and follows their 2009 classic 'Seven Chalices' back down into the abyss.


As hoped and expected, 'Death' is a dank, suffocating, and utterly bestial recording that viciously smothers any hint of melody or atmosphere beneath the sheer crushing heft of its seven black/death hymns. Like their countrymen in Proclamation or spiritual forebears in Blasphemy and Archgoat, Teitanblood spit upon petty labels like "death metal" and "black metal" and instead focus the entirety of their efforts on hewing the most abrasive, confrontational extreme music within their considerable power. The result is damning and destructive - just the way we like it.

'Death' will be released via The AJNA Offensive and Norma Evangelium Diaboli on May 13th; the double LP vinyl version has already sold out, but the label will also have CDs available. Listen to the first track "Anteinfierno" below, and get ready for your fucking funeral.