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PREMIERE: Watch The Haunting New Video For Years & Years' “Desire”

Love, lust, and everything in between.

Attention, everyone who’s been mindlessly singing along to Years & Years’ new single: We don’t blame you. In fact, thanks to the London band’s addictive chorus, rumbling percussion, and dance-y melodies, it’s sort of impossible not to be hooked on “Desire.” But listen a little closer—maybe slow down your head-bobbing for a second—and really tune in, because Olly Alexander, Michael Goldsworthy, and Emre Turkmen have just taken their electro pop sound to the dark side. This is a song about the tricky gray area between love and lust, all the things that can go wrong when you’re caught in the middle. But just in case you really need a visual, look no further than the single’s new video.


As the clip’s director Sing J Lee puts it, "After getting hooked on the track, the boys sent a note through about the meaning of the song, a cyclical conflict of being a slave to desire and the blurring between the lines of lust and love. This in mind, I wanted to create something sensual and surreal, and it felt right that we should visit a strange world set within an apartment block and fleetingly peer into the lives of characters as they voyeuristically and hungrily fantasies over watching each other, with Olly playing the enigmatic raconteur.”

Intrigued? Watch it below, then get “Desire” when it’s released November 23 on Polydor Records.

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