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WARSAWWASRAW's Debut LP Will Fuck You All Kinds of Up

Let the French two-piece blastbeat their way into your heart.

WARSAWWASRAW’s name is a mindfuck to look at. You have to read it a few times before fully realizing it’s a palindrome for “Warsaw was raw.” (At least that’s what it looks like, anyway.) WARSAWWASRAW’s music hits you the same way—it instantly fucks your brain up. Blast beats, ripping guitars, and lightning fast shrieks bombard you on every level until you feel like you’re falling down an endless staircase made of broken glass. Despite the Polish city in their name, WARSAWWASRAW is actually based in Paris, France and they inflect a downright commendable amount of le chaos for only two people. In 17 songs across 32 minutes on their debut album, Sensitizer, the Parisian lunatics deliver an almost non-stop insane chaos. Don’t try to analyze it, just let it assault you.


Sensitizer is available from Three One G, where all good noise is produced. It’s out on September 24 and you can (and absolutely should) pre-order it here. Stream the album below.

And here is a video for the band’s song, “Hollowcost":