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Premiere: Rich Kidd Celebrates Canadian Winter With His Video for "Brick"

When outside is feeling like a brick, come inside and watch this video of Rich Kidd stunting in a yurt.
November 5, 2014, 4:18pm

We went to Iqaluit with Rich Kidd earlier this year for our Tripping Out series. Going into it, we didn't know what to expect. But we ended up experiencing an unforgettable trip that included throat-singing, fast-paced snowmobile rides, and 12-hour parties inside of a yurt. Rich Kidd has never shied away from his Canadian pride, and the new video for "Brick" with Gudini reinforces the fact that Rich speaks for the people of Canada. Who among us doesn't dream of hibernating through the winter with a cuddle partner, or dread the feeling of loose snow in our boots? Rich Kidd speaks on the behalf of anyone who has ever walked outside and commented that it is, in fact, "Brick."

Unless of course that isn't the sort of "Brick" Rich Kidd is referring to—but that's obviously open to interpretation. If anyone deserves to stunt around in a sealskin parka it's Rich Kidd, the man who enjoyed Caribana so much, he broke his leg. Look for Rich Kidd's upcoming EP "RITCHIE" to arrive early next year, all recorded and engineered by the legendary Young Guru.