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Drake and Tyga Just Released a Snippet of "All White," Which Proves There Is Still Hope in This Meaningless Thing We Call Life

Labor Day can suck it.

It's Tuesday, which is factually now the best day of the week to go up, so here we are going up because Drake and Tyga just released a snippet of their upcoming song together. It's called "All White," which takes a brave stance against the whole idea that you're not supposed to wear white after Labor Day and Labor Day just happened last week. Anyway, it's only a snippet, which sucks, because Drake rules and anytime he does anything most of the Noisey staff has a mild panic attack. We don't know if this is a Drake or Tyga song, but that doesn't really matter. After you listen to this snippet, be sure to remind yourself that the most inspiring place on the internet is Tyga's Instagram account.