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Get Familiar with Dad Rock That Actually Rips, Just In Time For the Holidays: AC/DC's "Rock or Bust"

Infinitely better than Gordon Lightfoot or whatever the fuck
November 24, 2014, 8:03pm

My dad and I don't get along that well. Think about your typical dad from the 50s and you probably nailed it: strong, silent type, man of few words, tough but fair. We don't share a lot of heart to hearts, but what we do share are moments in the car blasting the ever living shit out of the sliver cross-section of favorite bands. One of those is AC/DC. And now clearly we have something to listen to at high volume on the way to and from the airport, and something to blast on medium while my aunts and uncles squabble over the Thanksgiving leftovers.

So fuck all of the recent heartbreak and drama, because there is one inalienable fact: AC/DC fucking rips. Let the video for the title track of "Rock or Bust" sink in above and look for the LP on 12/1.