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Watch Kanye Wild Out to Songs From 'TLOP' And Justin Bieber in His Car

Kim and Kanye agree that "What Do You Mean?" is a great song to drive around to

The last time something made Kanye this happy was this ice cream cone

This article originally appeared on Noisey Canada

In between all the twitter rants it feels like Kanye West isn't always happy with life. We get it Yeezus, it's a long and arduous process making sure "Wolves" is perfect but even the Lord needed rest on the seventh day. Thankfully, and courtesy of Kim Kardashian's snapchat it appears that Kanye has just as much fun as we do listening to his music in the whip. From bumping "Famous" to his favourite track of 2015 "What Do You Mean" Ye seems like a man at peace.

Look at the way Kanye head bobs and sneaks in a body rock while riding shotgun in what we can imagine is a luxurious vehicle. It's beautiful watching how far along this smiling, dancing Kanye has come in comparison to the old, yelling at paparazzi, Kanye. It should be noted, though, the safety hazard that is Kim capturing all this footage on video whilst driving. Please don't snap and drive, kids.