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Listen to Lyra's Debut EP 'W.I.L.D.'

If you like dramatic pop with a lotta heart—think Kate Bush, conjure Florence, wear some sheer, flowing fabric—then this Irish newbie will be right up your street.
July 15, 2016, 1:01pm

Meet Lyra. She started drumming and singing at six years old. She looks like a Renaissance dream. It's surprising that such a powerful voice can come belting out of a figure so slight. Capable of flipping between tones with the clarity of cut glass and an equally moving deeper register—one that conjures a windswept banshee on the moors—the Irish singer's debut EP W.I.LD. (Wake - Induced Lucid Dream), is an accomplished collection of baroque pop with thudding drums peppered throughout, they annouce her arrival. Produced by Rupert Christie (Coldplay, Aurora, Say Lou Lou), it's sure to find favor with fans of Florence and Kate Bush alike (and in fact Christie's worked with Bush too).


"I lose all my inhibitions, worries and conscious thoughts… I zone out," says Lyra of the EP. "When you’re in your most relaxed and raw form, ideas just flow out—like a real dream—you don’t have to plan what’s going to happen your mind just takes you there. This E.P covers my life, my love, and my loss—it's a wild phase. The songs are quite serious but they’re all really positive messages and do channel a bit of sass: don’t take things to heart, screw anyone who knocks you down, screw life when it tries to take you out, live in the moment, love in the moment, and definitely laugh in the moment."

W.I.L.D. is premiering below and is out on general release today.